My Why

I started blogging to full fill a dream of writing and sharing my creativity with the world. I’m a graphic designer with a concentration in logo design, t-shirts, business cards and company branding. I love creating and bringing ideas to life wheather they are mine or a clients brand come to life with a logo. I love photography and writing short stories. We all have gifts it’s up to us to develop those gifts and share them with others. My dream of writing and being published was just a dream that I could not shake so I took the first step into making my dreams come reality. Join me on my creative journey from living a regular 9-5 life to a more freeing creative life doing what I love! I will have post about designing, product reviews and sometimes just my thoughts.

#thoughts #creative #design #freedom


Published by mariedesignz

Graphics Designer with a concentration in Logo designer, T-shirt designer, business cards Mother of one courageous, beautiful, loving daughter!

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