My one day is today

One day I will…

When things fall into place then I can…

Next year I will…

We get caught in these traps of prolonging our success. We get talked out of pursuing possible life changing ventures. Why? I truly don’t know why. I’m sure over time there has been many reasons to forgo your dreams and become an “adult”. This digital era we’re in has changed all of that. Placeholder Image

Adulting my own way!

I choose to be an responsible adult as well as increase my earnings. Working 40 plus hours a week is not going to afford me to live the life I want for my daughter and I.

Penny pinching and packing a lunch will only take us so so far. So I’ve decided to dust off my childhood dreams and pursue my own business. I’m combing my love of writing, graphic design and shirts to create my sources of income. I’ve had small success thus far and that will only increase as I focus more and truly this as a job instead of a hobby.

I realized the only way I can truly get out of this rut I’ve been in is to do things that bring me joy and possibly more income. Continue to increase my knowledge and try different things instead of working the same factory job year after year expecting a different outcome. That didn’t happen until I changed my actions!

There are many different ways to being an adult and caring for your family. I’m choosing my path and enjoying the process along the way.

I’m adulting my own way!


My Why

I started blogging to full fill a dream of writing and sharing my creativity with the world. I’m a graphic designer with a concentration in logo design, t-shirts, business cards and company branding. I love creating and bringing ideas to life wheather they are mine or a clients brand come to life with a logo. I love photography and writing short stories. We all have gifts it’s up to us to develop those gifts and share them with others. My dream of writing and being published was just a dream that I could not shake so I took the first step into making my dreams come reality. Join me on my creative journey from living a regular 9-5 life to a more freeing creative life doing what I love! I will have post about designing, product reviews and sometimes just my thoughts.

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